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My Inspiration

FLP Jatim Award 2016: Penulis non-Fiksi Inspiratif 

I know that I am not the special one here. There are many special people that are more incredible than me. But, I will tell you about my story.

About my passions, those are reading and writing. I like writing stories and sending them to magazine and newspaper. My writing was rejected repeatedly.  Sometimes I felt tired. But I tried and tried. Alhamdulillah finally my writing was published in newspaper.

Besides, I joined competitions. This was not an easy thing. We must compete with the other writers. Repeatedly I lost, again and again. I learned from my failures. Alhamdulillah I could win some competitions.

I have written 2 books and 10 anthology books.

Why do I love writing? Because I can share to everyone, feel the journey of emotional and physical healing when write memoir writing. Well, you know someone can be famous, but as long she did not write. He will be lost in society and history (Pramodya Ananta Toer).

Someday in my life, I ever fell down, sometimes I get hurt, and unconsidered. But there are always some people behind me. They inspired me. They are the reasons why I stand up again and learn. They are my inspiration in life, my motivator, and my strength to reach success.

They are my parents and my friends. This appreciation, I dedicate to them.

So much love and big thanks for them. Without them I am nothing.


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